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FWESTRO!!!) is the mawin charater and portagonist in this show. He is the leeder of the disquustoids who live at Secret Mountan For Awesome and everyone loves nhim. Allthough he may didnt be a very good leeder at some times, he is still the best won they ahev and thay will always love him throu thik and thin.


Festro is a peurple smoster with black hair on the sides of his head. he has two big fangsin in his mouth and three big teeth taht only show when his mouth is open. and He has big fat boobs and abs on his cheat. His  clpthing is  pair of white sneaker with red stripes and titty wittys.


Festro is afunny but stupid guy who is alwqays gunna have in fun and sometimes radomy weird things to do with broas. He is very loving of eve=rybodyand dusent have a mean bone in his body (Except for fihtstro) but when he needs to war off some evil baddies then thats when he gets evil.


Festro themed untentEdit

  • Festros bed


  • Festro doed most talking of evry ofl the digusoids Expectt for in the epsode Secret Mountain Fort Uncle Grampa, where his talking lines had more pf them by Uncle Gaonapa.

Episode apperencesEdit

  • All of them