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Gweelock is the second-main character in the show. He is the smart and scientiffic one.


Is a walking booger with zits. Some people would rather call those zits spots. Gweelock is the most logical disgustiod he is very well into computers and technology. He has oversized eyebrows that dont fit on his head and has no body or feet he's just a booger with human like arms that come out of the sides that he uses to move their very hairy and have long black pointy nails and he wears two machinery bracelets on them both. He has hair and zits all over him and he has black beady little eyes and pink lips with long yellow teeth. He and Farts both are the only two Disgustiods who are smart but unlike The Farts, Gweelock is usually not as mature and always dilly dallies off sometimes and be's stupid. Yet though sometimes he tries to warn the other dumber people about the dangers coming across ther random acts of stupidity. But usually no one listens.

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