The following list is episodes for the new series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome on Cartoon Network.

Season 1 (2011) Edit

  • Teleport-A-Potty (Season 1, Episode 1) When Gweelock builds a teleport-a-potty, Festro and the monsters search for a place where pizza grows on trees. But when Festro went to go "boom boom" and flushed the teleport-a-potty, the monsters got stuck in another universe.

    NOTE: This was aired as a sneak peak to the show.
    Aired: August 1, 2011
  • Monster Cops (Season 1, Episode 2) The Monsters are sick of the cops always ruining their fun for them so they decide to disguise themselves as cops so that they can do whatever they want. Fart wants to take his job as a policeman seriously but the others just want to goof off and have some fun.
  • Secret Mountain Fort Love (Season 1, Episode 3) Secret Mountain Fort Awesome comes to life and starts smashing stuff. Then it falls in love with another mountain making it stop destroying stuff and the Disgustoids break them up so he will do it again but now that they broke his heart, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is going to die and they need to fix his broken heart.                  
  • The Bet (Season 1, Episode 4) TBA

  • Nightmare Sauce (Season 1, Episode 5) Festro keeps on having horrible nightmares which are keeping him and all of the other Disgustoids from sleeping. Gweelock invents a potion to make him no longer have nightmares but he takes too much of it and makes himself get trapped inside of his dreams.