Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 1, 2011
Written by Audie Harrison
Directed by Chris Reccardi
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Teleport-A-Potty is the first episode of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome on Cartoon Network.

Plot Edit

After ordering a pizza that doesn't get delivered, Festro wants to go to a place where pizza grows on trees. Fortunately Gweelock invents a machine that will help the gang teleport to other dementions. They go searching for a long time trying to find a demention where pizza trees grow but there isnt anywhere that has that. Enentually they give up but get trapped in a certain demention where monsters rule over humans. There they find the supreme overloard of the demention Helmet Head. He imprisons them in jail for eternity to rot to death. Never the less, a team of human warroirs come to rescue them from the prison their in and apperantly seem to actually get along with monsters. They show them to the palace of O-Wizardrom to tell them the story of how the whole thing started with monsters ruling over humans and about who Helmet Head was and what his business was.

Trivia Edit

This episode never aried again.

Fisrt apparence of Festro and the gang.